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Dear Mun - not that you're as dear as all that, not lately.

You forgot about me, didn't you? You forgot about me! Now just you think about what I could be doing now I ain't in a coven - and you think about what you should be doing, as well. It don't do anyone good to just sit by the fire and rock, even if you have got that real fancy scrying-thing.

Go on, get on with it. it may be about time I met that Nixi, too.
I forgot about this thing. Good thing that mood-goat don't want feeding.

I wonder if that Lunatic Cafe place is still open? You could get a decent cup of tea on a cold night, and no funny looks if you parked your broomstick inside when it was blowy.

Jul. 31st, 2007

This thing needs a direction finder.

Dec. 10th, 2006

I got 5 of them e-mailings wishing me a happy holiday. (Why can't they just say Hogswatch?) I can't be havin' with all them e-letters and such, and I went over to say so but there was thousands of us there. I reckon LJ has got a golem up at their office and it's gone wrong and just keeps on mailing.

http://news.livejournal.com/95692.html?thread=41527756 I was told that they're going to sort it out and change the golem's rule-thing.

I've heard about golems. They got like a rule-book in their heads - really, all wrote down, and they got to follow it. I got to thinking about it. Having a conscience where you get it all set out in writing and they can read it out and change things if something goes wrong, that don't seem like such a bad thing.

Of course, them golems have got someone else writing their contracts. I couldn't be having with that. Not for people. There's too many that'd like to write them contracts for the lot of us


Headology - making their thinking your ally.

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Good fortune and happiness but sometimes a species of
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I knew I'd get this.

How evil are you?

I just knew it.

yes, well...

How to make a Lancre_witch

3 parts pride

3 parts courage

1 part energy
Add to a cocktail shaker and mix vigorously. Add emotion to taste! Do not overindulge!

Out and about.

You get funny things abroad. I was out and tried to go in a shop to buy needles. Well, it turned out to be gnarly ground and I went into a Cafe. I met someone I know.

I do some nursing, up where I live, and there's been times I've been sorry to see him and times I've been glad. I don't reckon neither of us were working this time, though.

He was asking about getting a copy of Gwyntha's latest book. The Amazon place might have it, but I don't shop by computer. I can't find a place to put the money in - and typing, "Blessings upon this Webpage" and waiting for them to realise that I'm a witch don't work. Some of them have got the proper attitude and say they'll give me a free download, but it's not the same.

I have trouble imagining Death cooking, somehow - not making Strawberry Wobblers, anyway.

the professional thing

I was talking to a young city girl and that gave me an idea. I've heard Microsoft has a mind of it's own so I tried to use borrowing - what them city witches calls "telepathy" - to understand how the computer-mind works.

That computer should be back from the shoppe soon. The man says it will have a different kind of XP and it was all reinstalled and I will have a disc in case whatever I downloaded from the Internet does it again.

Anyway. this laptop works much better for me. The owner says it has Windows 98 but I cannot see any windows at all except the screen-thing.


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