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Esme Weatherwax

The Lancre Witch

Esmeralda Weatherwax
1 November
"Granny" Esmeralda Weatherwax
Location: United Kingdom
Bio: This journal is part of an RPG. The Discworld characters belong to Terry Pratchett and no copyright infringement is intended by this parody.

(I really couldn't be doing with breaking the law, nor the Lore neither.)

For an instance, I can't take money for the practice of my craft. People tend to give things to witches, though, so I do well enough, most of the time.

As for my history, it isn't really anyone else's concern. I do well enough.


Like I was saying, people tend to give things to witches. A young woman called Faith _slays gave me my Icons. I'll be working on protection spells for her as soon as Gytha gets back with the Trollsbane.
bees, being respected. you., borrowing, elves, ethology, flying, gardening, getting rid of elves, headology, herbs, livestock, other species, self-defence, witchcraft